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Wanted: 1.2 8v Induction Kit Pictures

As above, would like to see what kits you use and were they are located in the bay etc.

This is for a mk2 1.2 8v or a mk1 phase 3 both with the DIET engine btw...

  E60 diesel powah

nice ask carbon copy, sounds beasty, as if i had an exshaut! if i knew how to upload videos i would of done a little one for u mate, wher u from?
  406 passion wagon..

Hmmm the engine looks more like the 1.2 16V version.

My old 1.2 8V "Diet" engine was different, airbox behind the engine parallel to the windscreen! Have a look on the Green Airfilters website, they have a diagram on there of what itll look like, prices etc. too.

Never got round to installing the IDK on my 1.2, the K&N on my 172 sounds the bol-x