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warm air blower!!!

  Clio Gtt

my heaters in my caronlystay warm for about 20 seconds the they get cold??

anyone know what is causing this

Yeah mine is not the best, still I think it is the heater matrix needs renewing, but according to the haynes manual it is a pain to get to. Let me know how you get on, a new heater matrix is about £39 from GSF.


Sounds like your heater matrix could be blocked.

Before worrying about trying to fit a new one get your cooling system flushed out and see if that makes it better, Its an 8 hour job to fit a new one at a garage!!!


Signs of head gasket failure could be, high pressure when you take the cap of the water bottle after a short run, the water generally has an film of oil over it, but also when I spoke to you, you said it was drinking the fuel this is also a sign!!