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Was I being played with

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Came up behind a Bora V5 who was hogging the outside lane at about 85. He eventually moved over so pulled past him and up to about 95.....he then starts to tail end charlie me. I start to press a little harder and he is still there up to 1??. Not really into racing anybody but....coming up to a roundabout. so thought id try to see what the acceleration would be like in anger so to say. He was right up my ar$e into it so I just planted it from second.....and left him for dead!!

Or as the topic says.....was he just playing???

Mind you it felt pretty impressive up to 7K in each gear (understatement).....and I got an earfull from the missus who was in the passenger seat (understatement too)....DOH!

Is a Bora the same as a Jetta (South Africa)? My folks have just bought one and I dont think he was playing. Here its a 2.3 litre V5 with 125kw but my Clio would leave it for dead from pulloff. Probably pull away at about 200-210kmh, but the power to weight factor through the gears makes all the difference, plus their cars suspension is set up for comfort more than handling prowess. Nice car overall yhough.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Ive been in a Passat 1.8T diesel...and that is quick! makes my Vectra 2.0 turbo diesel company car feel like a snail.....then it is a Vauxhall :(

the v5 is very torquey. 2.3 ltrs, 5 cylinder and 25valve. My dad has a V5 seat toledo and believe me - its a motorway monster!!

Your clio would probably win in a race situation - better handling and so on, but the V5 will cruise to the same speed without breaking a sweat or ruffling its feathers.

ps. when you open em up they sound fantastic! A real throaty warble, so nice...