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Washed The ST


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
Gave the vectra a quick clean after work tonight, Taking the Trophy in tomorrow morning to do that.





ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
It was the ST200 that had 4pot AP brakes as standard along with alot of other goodies.

I "Dont" have a ST200 as there was only 38 of these made, I only have a SuperTouring V6
  Black 182 FF
So what exactly are these then? I used to get on Cavweb a bit as I had a couple of Cav SRi's and I always thought the ST200 was like a Vectra GSi with a few other goodies, but there was a few Super Tourings from memory - a V6 and even a 2.0, which may have even been an Ecotec from memory (hazy! - if so must have been ecomnomical with the badging).


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
Ah, ok, so it is a Super Touring? Was gonna say, i thought they were called GSIs...

Looking a bit dated now, but used to think they looked cool. Always loved the front bumper.

Just seen this, pretty cool! What other bits did the ST200 have over yours?

Vectra ST3000 3.0L 24V - Only 3 Made


Vectra ST200 2.5 V6 24V - Only 38 Made

AP 4 Pots
17" Speedlines
Full Koni Suspension Set Up
AP Suretrac Limited Slip Diff
Revised Cams & ECU
BHP 195
Full Recar ST200 Seats
ST200 Steinmetz Skirts



Vectra Supertouring - 500 Made (250 V6's & 250 2.0L's)

Standard 16" Supertouring Wheels
Standard 288m Brakes
170 BHP For The V6
??? BHP For The 2.0L