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Weekly car meet in Nuneaton

  Clio 182
Hi guys,

Just a quick one to see if anyone would be up to going to the weekly Dub Club meet in Nuneaton? I know its 'dub club' but all cars are welcome - I have been a few times in my old Impreza and plenty of different cars do turn up. (I have previously seen a Clio there!)

The post code is CV10 7RA and it is ran by The Tyre Company with permission off all of the the other businesses to use the car park. This allows a safe place for people to meet and they are also hot on people being sensible due to it being his property and his meet.

They try to keep different things in separate places i.e. German and Japs are split up. Could be nice for us all to meet around the corner in the Clio's and then we would be sent to the same section of the car park and can have our own little section?

Anyway, its a weekly event on every Wednesday at CV10 7RA, usually starts around 7/8pm but usually best to get there a bit earlier.

I would suggest meeting in the Frankie and Benny's car park CV10 7SD as this is literally just around the corner and allows us to 'convoy' over. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. Lets see if anyone is interested!