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Well, it`s gone!!!

  evo x rs

Today my mk1 172 will be picked up by the contract hire people and taken to Carlisle, with the cliosport sticker in the back. Hopefully the new owner will enjoy this car as much as I have, and log onto this forum!

In the two years Ive had this car Ive had many a smile, whipping the arse of reps at traffic lights when that thought theyd cane me. On motorways Id have a BMW, Audi etc. up my arse and pull over to the 2nd lane and flooring it giving them little chance of taking me. Anyway thats the childish fun Ive had anyway.

Build quality has alot to be desired though, over the two years have noticed rattle after rattle appear, but who cares this baby has been a corker. Also today for the second time the serv and airbag lights have started to remain on again.

Anyway tommorrow I take delivery of a Subaru STI8, ok it will cost more to run, but this baby flies 0-60 just below 5 secs, and when I have the upgrade to 300bhp should hit 60 in 4.6 secs.

When Craggy and co., have a meet at Ladybower again Ill bring it down see what you think, cheers for now.

Ill never forgot this french pocket rocket!!!!!