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What’s Your Worst MPG Figure

Ive just filled up & got just over 27.4MPG!!!

Ive only had the car a month though and cant seem to stay below 4500RPM! ;)

Just wondered what other people get?

about 15 mpg at one point...... but it was on the track at Bedford LOL :)

I can cruise on the motorway @70 and get about 42mpg, and my average is about 38mpg.....

Tom, what do you usually get?

I managed about 120 miles to 10pounds this week, thats about 40mpg - which I guess is ok - Motorway though most of the time - and some city driving.


I managed to get it to 11.7mpg at bedford....wouldnt go any lower though...that was on the 1k straight with a reset just before corner leading onto it!!!


hold on a min ! u mean u r not suposed to drive the car over 4500 revs all the time !!

I ont want to know it normally cost me £35 to fill up

normally i get about 320 miles befor the light comes on

but latley the light is coming on at 200 miles !!!!!!!

now that must be bad


hehe, .. at least Im not the only one with silly low consumption - although, I only have a 1.2... :confused:


i had my computer reading 8mpg down the motorway at one point, averaged for the journey at 19mpg!!

then on the rolling road it went off the scale for overfueling the top end! fixed now and get about 32-33mpg for normal driving.

I get between 20-27 mpg, around 60-80 miles to 10quids worth of petrol on average, dependingon the severity of my driving