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What a blast!

  Clio v6

A Mecedes whose badge said SL55, raced up my rear last night very threateningly. Normally I would pull over thinking "Oh! its a big fast Merc", but I was in one of those moods were I thought "What the heck".

I dropped from 6th into 5th and made quite a gap. I dont think he was too pleased but he was very eager for a blast. I would have to say that from a standing start there wouldnt have been much in it, he might have got in front for a bit, but stretching my gear changes to the latest second I was just able to match him. In my 4th gear the Merc deffinately couldnt catch me up.

This sort of game went on for most of the motorway journey and I beleive we where quite evenly matched.

There was one passenger in the Merc and both he and the driver looked like very big heavy lads, a little less weight and I really dont think I would have stood much of a chance. Thankfully the blast ended in one of those pleasant exchanges of thumbs up to one and other.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Dash, you are convincing me more and more by the day that a V6 needs to be acquired for myself.

Any chance of meeting up one day so I can have a test drive?

  Clio v6

Oh yes anyone is welcome to a ride in my car. You might even teach me some driving skills :sick: email me if anyone wants to arrange it.