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What alarm do i go for



Hello, I need to have a alarm fitted to my mk1 172, I am thinking of getting a Toad AI606 cat 1 alarm fitted, I am based in London, I have had a quote for £280 all inc.

Are there any other similar alarms i could go for?

is there a place that can do it cheaper?

Thanks for the advice


Clifford and Gap Security!

Will be more but in my opinion the cliffords are better and Gap will come to your house/work to fit it....
  Scooby STi, FiestaST

i would recommend Gap security, they do have some movement on their prices if you push and um and ar about the cost with them... i got £150 off mine and i got a top notch system with Tilt and movement ( for the wheels and lowloaders ) .

Plus they do good finance, £400 over a year costs you 45 pound extra, roughly.

what would be my best option for protection against break-in?

Also would i be able to keep the use of my original key fob?
  Scooby STi, FiestaST

the clifford ones do a glass break sensor which knows the sound of breaking glass.

This is an option on some of the clifford kits so for break ins that is a good option.

Plus you can get the perimeter sensor which has about 5" outside the windows. If someone shoves their face near the window it gives em a nice warning that the cars alarmed.:D BUT to be honest if you get a clifford their best deterant is the BLUE LED.. you may laugh but it seriously deters proper theives.


Im getting a toad ai606 cat1 alarm fitted this morning, i need an alarm before wednesday(the car has to go in for a SVA test), i needed an insurance approved alarm fitted by an approved installer, I am paying £300

The cliffords are a bit out of my price range at the moment.


clifford deo, iirc i payed £250 inc fiting for my clifford concept g5 550, which came with glass break sensor and proximity sensors it aint bad was a good price tho

i couldve done a clifford cat 1 for £350 harry ! and before weds....

Rorrie, best is what the ferret said, this is exactly what ive got....


Quote: Originally posted by connor on 23 April 2005

i couldve done a clifford cat 1 for £350 harry ! and before weds....

Rorrie, best is what the ferret said, this is exactly what ive got....
Thanks mate, but ive had it fitted now, i will be adding a proximity sensor at a later date, can i also add a glass break sensor to this system?

Thanks Harry

Clifford but christ dont go with Gap, their prices are horrendous! even after i pushed them down! their standard price is almost double most other decent places.

Clifford are great alarms but they NEED a good installer. lots of clifford horror stories which is nothing to do with the alarms and all to do with when muppets have installed them.

I got a concept 300 for £300 fitted at Rtec St Albans. They very very good, I went for the intellistart (remote start) for an extra £150 and remote fog lights for an extra £50!! (God I had too much money in those days!!)