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What Colour Willy

Right if u remember a while ago a post was bought up about a RED clio williams for sale! but they should only be blue ... yes?


whats goin on?

heh, Well, Mynheer advertise their "Clio Williams" bodykit on a black clio.

Williams Blue is what they would have come out of the factory as - I think :)


this had to be a williams not a lookalike, badges in the right place (i know not hars to copy) but it had those funny darker willy wheels like louises williy too ...... and i dunno a willy and a valver just doo look different in a way
  mk2 172

look at how far out the wheels are, on a valver its quite clear that the wheels are further back into the arches, whereas on a will there nearly touching the arches and front bumper

Does the off set of the Williams wheels differ to those for a 16V? Im sure (nearly) that Williams wheels have an offset which makes them stick out further. I once followed a Clio thro Warwick that had all the stickers in the right place but it was not a blue one. Cant remember which colour though.

Anyone can respray a car, even a Williams, heathens!!!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

A resprayed Williams? Who would be so daft?

As you say sticking badges on and changing the wheels for a set of Williams wheels is a 10 minute job.

Hes done the easy bits, now all he needs to do is change the engine, gearbox, suspension, interior and respray it and he will still have a fake, but a much better fake.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Regarding offset, no the wishbones and driveshafts are longer, so the widened track isnt simply down to the offset of the wheels. However, the clio cups increased track, is just down the the increased offset of the wheels.

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Aw no, he had the curse of the wrong colour wheels lol. I soooo wish I had the cash to sort that.

Also look out for the rear spoiler... coded on a Willy, but Ive seen a couple of cars badged Williams, with the wheels, and non painted spoiler, oh and for willy 1 and 2, of course, shouldnt have a sunroof...

Was the sunroof an option or standard on the Willy 3? I could swear Ive seen a Willy 3 with a sunroof, but my mates bona fide Willy 3 does not have one - option or some sort of fraud again!!?
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Not sure... Thought it was standard... I know a m8 in Jersey has a Willy 3 with a sunroof..