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What could it be

Not posted this in the tech forum as its not reallya tech question.

Whemn im driving along i am getting a lot of banging and rattling sound from the back of the car. IT sounds like the back door is open slightly, but as its only a 3 door it obviously isnt! lol. I have checked the boot lid and that is shut correctly and i have tightened the bracket up wich holds the spare wheel to the car so dont think its that. Its really anoying me now, cause mycar would be nice n quite if it wasnt for that, leaving my to enjoy my engine sounds.
  clio 20v

ull have to get somebody in the back while ur driving holding and pressing various bits till u locate the offending sound

could be ur tailgate not shut properly mite need adjusting

  Clio 200 FF

you can loosen the screws on the striker plate (u shaped fixed onto sill part) and adjust it slightly. Have you tried moving the exhaust about as this might be catching