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What do these lights mean?

  E92 330
Yet again i find my self here trying to solve a mystery. When i was driving on the motorway last night two lights lit up on the service board. The stop light and the battery, they sometimes flash and sometimes stay lit, what does this mean?? I am also having problems starting the car, not always kicking in when i turn the key.

1.5 dci
  clio 172
firstly i would keep it simple cause it many be a simple problem. pass through you local kwik type garage and get a battery test done. If you end up purchasing a brand new battery and the same think keeps on happening then its plan and simple that the alternator is not recharging the battery. If it comes to this then go to renault or whichever garage and tell them the problem mate.
Alternator sounds like its having trouble check earthing lines etc.

Problem is the dci is a heavily computerised engine if things go wrong you need someoen with the computer to intograte it,