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what do u think

i was in uncle arnolds showroom in bishopbriggs lookin at 182s an d i was offerd a 182 with the cup pack and in yellow for 270 per month and no deposit. is that good???
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Well if its over 5 years, and assuming the final payment is 30% then hes looking at an APR of roughly 12%...I think

You can get 3yr deals for stock UK spec 182 ie no suspension or yellow paint for £220 I think I remember.

Wheather or not its a good deal depends on other factors ie milage allowance is servicing etc included.

Personally Id go but an import or similar one for say £13k on a loan over 3yrs.

The cost per month would be about £400 but after 3yrs you have he eqivalent of say £7k in your hands against a different car and it has only costs you an extra £130 a month (ie £4680). But Id look at an older 172 maybe 52 reg for 9~10k and get that say on a 2 yrs loan. Which is about £400 per month but after two yrs the cars yours and worth say £7k wheras with a new financed 182 your looking at being into almost negitive eqity even accounting for you saving the £130 extra an older 172 would have cost you to pay for

Signing up for finance for along periods is a big problem you can make any car look semi resonable with long payments and big deposites and no car at the end. Also most peopel end up changing there cars every 2~3yrs and being stuck in a finance agreement always costs to get out.

Dont know if anyone is interested but Im paying just over £12k for my 182 & sourced the cash myself (£202 x 60mths, APR 6.1%). Its a parallel import from Virgin Cars & I should get it in around 5 weeks or so.
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Mines a parallel import - a March 2003 172 - £8995. Im using a Marbles loan to finance it - APR 5.9 %.

I got a new car once, years ago, on finance (HP) - and Id never do it again.

Quote: Originally posted by Metallic Black on 17 June 2004

Mines a parallel import - a March 2003 172 - £8995. Im using a Marbles loan to finance it - APR 5.9 %.
Ello m8 - I looked at Marbles too but it wouldnt let me have the option of a fixed rate loan, so I got the next one up :)