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What do you constitute as bad driving

Question is in the topic really. What are your opinions on this subject ? The reason I ask is because there are quite a few long stretches of road where I live and since I have had the 172 I usually take over a whole bunch of cars on the clear straights but only when it is CLEAR for a long way so I do not put others in danger but I still get flashed by old biddies doing 40 in a 60.

Now, last night I was having a drive around and on the road I drive home on every day I give it some off the roundabout. I was about halfway up the road with no car in front or behind until I saw this car uproaching really quickly in my rearview. I thought it might be a cop so I slowed down and then when it got closer I saw it was a MK3 Golf GTi, he did not slow down at all and got right up my arse. I thought that he would not overtake me because there was a car coming the other way but NO ! He pulls out after getting so close to my bumper I thought he would nudge me and then pulls alongside me (by this time he had not even let off at all from his approach) and I had to brake just so he had enough room to pull in ! I looked at his back window and then saw a BABY ON BOARD sign ! I doubt he had the baby in the car but what a w*nker !

jeezus.. how fast was he goin? (roughly in relation to yours) that doesnt sound good at all!
I think weve all done silly things from time to time (even me ) but there are some people that have no idea what-so-ever. on my way to work I go up a long stretch of road that is uphill, 2 lanes to allow you to over take lorrys etc. Yesterday I was going up said hill and Im in no rush to get to work, Im doing about 50 on a 50 stretch, theres a car ahead and I like to keep a sensible distance most of the time (you never know what other people will do), anyway, were coming to the point where it filters back to one lane and I see this golf thats been behind me (a way back) gives it some, it wasnt a fast one but he cuts past me as the lanes filter together, cuts across the chevrons and pulls infront of and brakes!! I was on the horn for a good 8-9 seconds solid (not beep-beep, but beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) and i followed him all the way down the other side of the hill with my full beams on. Then he had the cheek to call me a w*****!!

Trust me, you see alot of bad drivers on the motorway too. Eventually you get to know the tell tale signs of what people will do, 8 out of 10 times i can predict when people will cut across or pull out. The key to being a good driver is to react properly - if you know what someones gonna do back off and give them space. Its difficult not to rise to it and speed up to block them off or whatever, but it may well save your life!
It seems to be getting harder and harder to pass a driving test - but drivers seem to be getting worse!!

I must have been doing around 80 when I saw him and then slowed down to around 60, when he was behind me I was doing around 70 so he must have been doing around 80-90 the way he was approaching me ! I could not believe that he would try and overtake a faster car than him when there was the chance that I could speed up, if I was a w*anker driver then that is what I could of done and he could have well hit that other car ! I could not believe he took that much chance for the sake of a few 100 yards !
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I have that happen to me a lot, often they over take me on blind corners, plus I always do the speed limit or a little bit extra so like you there was no reason for the other car to over take even if there was no car coming the other way. It is one thing to have a playful race, it is another to endanger yourself and others.

The other two things I find is that people approach junctions and round abouts too quickly as nobody wants to stop anymore. I have had no end of people pull out on me at junctions some causing me to do emergency stops One girl did this to me then as she approached a round about did the same thing only the person that hit her in the side wasnt as aware as myself and totaled both cars. The other thing that is anoying me is the few people that use indicators, apparently we are all telepathic now and know where other drivers are going so an indicator on a round about etc is no longer needed. Are they optional extras on some cars these days?

What you did Daipac is fine in my opinion if someone is doing 20mph less than the speed limit I would over take if it was clear.

Excellent points greeper ! Especially about indicators ! My god, that drives me mad !

There is one guy in Gorseinon in Swansea that I see on the way home from work all the time now and he is driving me mad ! He drives a navy blue Cavalier SRi and on the same stretch of road I mentioned above he was overtaking so many cars and this was on the way home from work when it is busy ! I cringe when I see him because he is usually on the other side of the road ! I know that Cheesebox on here drives through Gorseinon so if you see this guy, be carefuly, lunatic !

Like you say it is ok to have a playful race if you are not endangering people but your car is only as fast as the risks you are willing to take IMHO and some drivers are right headers, if they overtake you on a blind corner they say they beat you but I would rather walk away with my life to be honest !

One thing that really really really annoys me is how bad people drive on the motorway!!! And especially when the lanes are refered to as "slow, medium and fast lanes".!!! No such thing!

It really gets on my t*ts when you see an empty motorway only for some idiot sitting in the middle lane.
Same when the motorway is busy, people just drive straight to the outside lane even though there is nothing in their path in the inside two lanes!!!

And the government wander why our motorways are so conjested, maybe if they put signs up on all the bridges "USE THE INSIDE LANE WHEN NOT OVERTAKING".! That may help a little. But I doubt it.!

I get so pi$$ed off with it now I just dont bother changing lanes and undertake anyone who doesnt know how to use the motorway. Its supprising how many then pull back into the inside lane when they eventually realise they are not overtaking anyone!!!!

well said barry. And very true!
Over a distance of 40 miles, if you maintain an average 70mph instead of 60mph you will arrive about 5/6 mins earlier. Not really worth it when you think about how stressed you are when you get out of the car is it?

I just take the attitude that no journey, however important, and no matter how late I am, is worth dying over.

I feel a new topic coming on - members top five driving annoyances.

Anyone want to start?

Im always put in a dilemma when I wish to overtake somone in front of me but who has no intention of moving over to allow me by. I normally hang around behind them waiting for them to realise that Im there and then go on my merry way...sometimes however I get wound up - especially if they have been doing this for a few miles - and undertake them at a crawling pace.....

Dont like doing it though......normally tends to be someone on the mobile..

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i agree with phill, u have to almost predict what people are going todo, i remember going out for a drive, and i came over the brow of a large hill, i could see an old couple in a toyota, with a mondeo right on there bumper, and i just knew he was gonna blast round them, and i could also tell that he would never make it, so i litarally, came to a complete stop in the road and he only just made it back in front of the toyota before hitting me! idiot!!

I woldnt class this as bad driving...well not all cases mentioned here anyway!

About the Golf GTi, well that in my books would have been a bad boy maneouvre!!
To be able to cut in between an oncoming car! thats the type of thing that I love to see in races!
thats what I would call "taking a risk"!
This type of swift move is what wins races, it marks the difference between a true racer and a "driver in a fast car"!!!!
What i call bad driving, is someone who stalls at a round-about, or hesitates to pull out at the roundabout!!
BTW, I always indicate when I pull out!!!!!!!!!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I would like to see that manouver on a RACE TRACK not on public roads. People who race professionaly do it on tracks, there are safety measures in place, and everyone on the track is there to race and knows the risks.

Daipac was not racing, the car coming the other way was not racing, the Golf was an idiot, if Daipac had to break then it was a sh!t overtaking manouver.

People could have been killed, If the Golf driver was intent on overtaking then he/she should have pulled out slightly first got a good look and if it was clear overtaken. They were too close up Daipac rear to see anything so their overtaking success was down to pure luck and in no way real skill.

Exactly what greeper just said ! If I was racing then he wouldnt of been close enough to even attempt to overtake me ! I am not the sort of person to do this anyway, not when you can endanger other peoples lives.

twofast4u- you are a absolute t**t, you seems to have a mentality of a 8 yr old, you are the kind of people who just passed there test and think himself as Michael Schumacher , its pretty clear from your response in this topic that you havent got a clue about good or safe driving, F**KING grow up before you kill someone.
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This guy is mentally impaired!!!

"To be able to cut in between an oncoming car! thats the type of thing that I love to see in races!
thats what I would call "taking a risk"!
This type of swift move is what wins races, it marks the difference between a true racer and a "driver in a fast car"!!!!"

Has anyone here seen oncoming traffic on a circuit???

Take away his licence and put him in a padded cell!
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You really are a pee-narse arent you.
Tell ya what, come down the Southend cruise with the clio club and see what a warm reception you get

This guys has the brain capacity of Roadkill.

You are also like a dose of the clap - Another words we cant get rid of you.
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Is 2Fast4U really 172 Slayer in disguise? As he has been very quiet recently and stopped posting at roughly the same time this idiot came into being?