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What does 'Cat Back system' mean?

Yup, everything from the cat (but not including it) to the back of the car.

Tbh if you are expecting gains you wont really see much if any. All it will do is make the car sound "better" and mean you've got a SS system which isnt going to rot and fall apart (in theory, lol).
if i bought the blue flame cat back system will it improve the preformance at all??

how will it cost me to replace the cat so it's cat free? whats that called, a a cat bypass pipe??

any links to a site that does them to fit the blue flame system??

I cant comment on performance changes on each exhaust, someone on here may have had one fitted and have some RR graphs showing any change though.

Depends on whether you get a sports cat (still a cat but with a lower number of cells therefore less restrictive) or a de-cat which is a pipe without a cat at all, they can be either unsilenced (just a straight pipe) or silenced (with a silencer in place of the cat) The cost will vary depending on which, from about £100 for an unsilenced decat, to anything upto about £600 for a sports cat.
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I'd imagine so matt. De-cats are pretty unversal and would fit to most, if not all cat-back systems.
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the best thing to do is get a race header. this is usually a 4-2-1 manifold or sometimes a 4 into 1 manifold. it bypasses the cat completely and is usually where you get the most restriction from a std exhaust system. de-cats alone don't usually give much power gains(approx 2-3bhp). i have a dc sports 4-2-1 race manifold on my CTR connected to a spoon catback. iirc i gained about 15hp from this mod but you need to get it properly mapped by a specialist tuner as you are changing the flow characteristics of the engine.

the only downside is that you will need to change back to the std maniflod and put the catalytic converter back in when it comes to MOT time. if you are technically minded it should take you about 2 to 3 hours. not bad as you only need to do it once a year and imo it's worth it for the extra power and torque.

i'm not sure what systems are available for rs clios but i would definitely recommend this mod. some manufacturers even make race headers with cats welded in to make them road legal but as i said, not sure if there are any for clios. maybe others on this forum who know more about clios can help you with that
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