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What does this warning light mean...

  Goliath I

One of my friends has had this light come and it doesn't go off? Cant find the handbook to check

any ideas

Engine management light, are there any noticeable problems with your car ie. spluttering? You'll need to get it plugged in at Renault to see what's the matter.
  Goliath I
Its my friends car, nothing unusual happening it just came on yesterday and hasn't gone off. She spoke to Renault and they said it was fine to continue driving it :S
  Goliath I
The local Renault garage is pretty crap as it is and well being a Sunday nobody could probably have been bothered tbh
Just sounds really dodgy that, I'd just expect the so called "experts" to be the last people to tell someone to carry on driving with warning lights flashing at you.
  Goliath I
One of my mates fathers used to work there and he was once told something like 'I dont pay you to sell cars, I pay you to shift metal' lol