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What happened to TooFast4..Nowt

What ever happened to good old 2fast? I miss the laughable banter and tales of 1.2 doin evos.

Aaaa The good old days :D

Did Jas ban him or has he dissapeared.

I also miss the times when Cooper Boy and Slayer used to get everyone fired up!

Did we ever come to a conclusion on the Slayers car? Was it the Karcher Special edition?


I dont know if it as coindidence, but we have heard nothing from twofast since there was an unconfirmed sighting in Newcastle?

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Cooper Boy, rest assured you didnt get anyone really fired up. At least not me anyway, youd have to be a *real* arsehole to piss me off. And theres only one person on here thats ever done that. But then again he had that effect on a lot of people!

Slayer dont bother me either. He knows he can come on here whenever he wants and talk shop. Especially now his ID is revealed! Likewise 2Fast4U, I always thought he was quite amusing. HardcoreSax is a good fella as well. Plenty of non-Clio people on here who are always welcome.
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two fast will be here under a different name, theres a few on here who have caused a row then came back with different names, theres two in my head but theyve been sound since the original name so it for me and my head to keep a secret;)

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Is Slayers car really that MG?? God to see a few namck into here!es popping back into here!

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Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 09 December 2002

nah paddy there guessing, hell never reveal me dont thinks

Craggy Night.Icon and Claire see him in it, and aparently he works down the road from where Night.Icon works... so the MG ZT is the car boys and girls.