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what i need

what do i need, e.g wiring and installation kits. when instailling my sub and amp, and some rear speakers.

cheers peeps

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u may as well buy an amp wiring kit! u get a power lead with fuse for the amp, an earth lead, a remote lead that connects to your blue cable on stereo and a set of phonos! in some kits u get speaker cable too for the sub! they usually £20 -30
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Nope, all you need is a wiring kit like Dink posted

Your sub and amp will hook up to these wires from the headunit/battery then the speakers will either connect to your amp (if you have one for them) or straight to your headunit.

cheers dink and james, by the way is 80 quid cheap for full fitting of the hu,sub amp, and speakers, where it inclludes the wiring kit throwning in.

fooking hell, im fitting a amp and sub and all wiring for my mate soon for free

easy enough to do, mate should do it for £10 tops, u must know someone who can maybe do it, or try urself, very easy

yeah, sorry lads, hehe, na i done it today with me and my cous. quite easy little job.

thanks for all the advice.