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what is it with stoopid boyye racerz


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what is it with boy racers ok i like having some tunes on and have my sub kicking but why is it the idiots round where i live see me and whack the music right up and all you can her is distortion ???

i just went to get petrol had me music on and some boyyyeee with his white baseball cap and shirt with collar turned up follows me for about a mile to the petrol station they dont stop for petrol but just park up and sit there waiting for me to come out now this is a pug 106 with what looks like 300 people inside it so i get in my car and turn on ignition and my headunit turns on and starts playing so they start their engine and pull right in front of me so i cant get out they then procede to turn up there volume and all i can here is distortion and the kid driving says summit along the lines of ur sound system is sh*t.

eventually him and his car full of m8s reverse and let me out i go to the exit and here a screetching of tyers as boyyyyeee racer skids up next to me and im thinking touch my car and i will kill u.

ne way he sits there and revs away and i go to pull out on to main road and he floors it and cutts infront of me so i let the little krettin go and i pull out and head home now these kids know where i live from a long time ago ne way im going home and they are right in front of me they speed off and i carry on going the next thing i know i have a car behind me with headlights on full and front fogs on also and they are flashing me and i stop and they pull past guess what it was the boyyz ne way this pisses me off so i catch up and fly past them and they give me the fingers etc ne way im home now i know they wont try ne thing cos they aint brave nuff but i just cant stand them GRRRRRR

Btw my car is a clio 1.4rt

what do u think i shud do ?? did i do ne thing wrong??

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ive only ever had someone like that once, but it was nowhere near as bad as your situation

i just had a rusty Nova 1.5TD go right up my arse on the motorway, flashing me with main beam on, i moved over to let him past, tryin my damn best not to rise to it but he kept following me so i promptly dropped it an floored it an left him for dead hehe

Man how sad r some people! Sounds like ur typical 17yr (no offense 2 n e 1 that is 17,but i bet u dont drive like that!)

As will all silly children, let them get on with it and take no notice.






Not suit all drivers.

as the soap says.........

thats lifebouy

Joe..... sorry to be negative..... I may tell ya about me jail breaks from norwich prison one day, with PHAT joints in the end of a cardboard tube from Cautaulds....... and, I cold add, but wont, that the tube was passed outa thee mK2 cortina rear window to the PS front..... it worled wll.... het man............

but, I was way too soon lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


trade ya car in for a valver, its worth the extra cost just to see there faces when u so effortlessly leave them in ya mirrors!

I really enjoy playing with boy racers, I would say it is a hobby of mine!! All you need to do is drive really slow, they will then feel confident to overtake you allow them to see your cheeky little grin and drop the gear see, see you later they look like the idiots they are all alone on the wrong side of the road!!

You could always invest in a nice set of bull bars and ram the f**kers off the road! They wont be laughing when they are upside down in a ditch!!!!

thats a little silly and quite dangerous isnt it?
Letting the car get part way past then flooring it, say another car comes round the corner and idiot in other car still is trying to overtake you, it wont just be him thats killed it will also be the car on his side of the road and possably you too!
If you get said idiots then leave them to it, we know they are not good drivers so if they crash make sure its well in front of you so you can stop safely


I only do it on nice open roads, so I can clearly see what is coming in the oppposite direction and genearally only to cars with crappy sun-strips no offense my opinion!!! I am not really a w+n@er like I amy have made out!!!