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What is this..?

  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
cool eh?


  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
cool as fu(k eh! it was one of my mates that took the pics.

was up the hill at the weekend!
I only looked at the first pic and edited it to add the second, i then realised it had the sticker on it.. lol ma bad.
carbon copy said:
some d*ck's taken an old banger and painted it like those awesome 182's!!!!



i wonder when our sports get that old if they'll be in a good condition like that? hmmm
Looks pretty cool, but nothing compared to a Lotus Cortina or similar. Maybe it's just me but i know nothing of their 'heritage' which is why i think on the 182s it's a bit lame to have stripes.

Having said that i'm not sure Ford GT40 stripes on a Fiesta are that tasteful either...