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What other good sites do you use

When on the net cliosport is the first place i go to but when i read everything i get board (this is when i should do uni work) and look for other good clio related sites.

Anyone use any others? I never really got into RSC like i did with cliosport!

Its a HK site, but its fun to get argueing with them! one guy just wont give up.......great fun....need more than 3 clio support on it

Dont be pahsed by the chinese, just ignore it and go to teh english version.

I sometimes go to the american car forums and try to get talking about Clios. Most of them havent even heard of Renaults though so its a bit of a challenge!

BTW, choose a chinese typre mane whist youa re there, its more fun!

Like 0-60 EMPOROR!

or drag king, or sleeping duck squatting dog!