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what product do i use to clean the exhuast tailpipes.


i just washed the car, but i need to focus now on that dirty exhaust. lol


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
sick spit and sperm. Always works for me.
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in all honesty... that is the BEST kit you could use. Used it on my magnex last year, and it came up absolutely beautiful.

Just don't press TOO hard... as you will end up with many many scratch marks
thanx d.brown.
i just washed them up :)
oh and i missed a spot under the rear bumper when i was washing the car. oh well


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i was waiting for someone to say autosol. Defo the way to go, great stuff as it will make um shine big time. halfords sell it...
Hmm, i usually give mine a hose out, doesnt bother me too much as its the standard system, tho the stainless system i had on my 1.2 i used to polish quite far under the car...:eek: