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What should i be running

Just wondering what bhp i should be looking at with the mods i got done ie: full magnex 6b4 and viper x ,, unfortunley there is no rolling rd round here or not that i no other so any suggestions would help alot , cheers;)

Well it depends on what shes puttin out originally. If its a PROPER 172 puttin out about that BHP, and with those mods, id say a 5-10bhp increase tops. so circa 180. i reckon neway, actually even that can be optimistic. but sometimes....
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If you can wait a fortnight Ill be getting mine RRd and the results will be in the members section. Also have Magnex but with PiperX panel filter. You may well be running lean with your Viper - good idea to get it checked out.




Does it actually feel quicker?

have you had a cat back fitted? or is it a de-cat?

Reckon you may be down slightly with the viper on as its not set up

It feels much quicker than when i first got espically with the mods it also feels much more responsive and aggresive,,cat bk fitted , what do u mean by the viper might not be set up propley m8??
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the fuelling, you should get your car chipped to sort the fuelling its possible its running dangerously lean
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what does the magnex sound like? loud, very loud, deep, throaty?

looking for a system for mine , want it loud but not too loud for motorway trips