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What should i pay

Hi everyone, i have been offered a clio 16v on P plate. It is a write off as the chasis (spelling) is bent, front drivers side impact.

What i was wandering is what should i pay for something like this? I would have the wheels and interior for my RT but what else would i be able to sell off it and for what price?? He says the engine is fine just knocked off the mounts and its done 54K, but i havent checked it yet.

So what can i sell off it?? and what should i pay??

Cheers for any help Phil

I think it was P but now you say that it might not have been didnt see the reg properly cos front was smashed and only glanced at back. Are you sure they didnt do a P plate? was it only valvers that stopped at N??

P is Phase3.. Valvers were only Phase1/2.. Although, I did see an N reg Phase3 today! There are some odd ones.

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Yer the latest a valver ever went was on a 95 N !!

Although it could be one that was sat around and not registered !!

It does happen !

Sounds like about a grand to me !! Maybe £1500 at a push !!

It wasnt the phase 3 front end it was the phase 2 with the squarer lights.

Leigh were you saying i should pay up to £1500 for the car?? if so what could i sell to get cash back?? I have never broken a car before.

for the seats and wheels, is it not a hassle for all of that!

Youll have to keep stripping it, need jsut go to cliospares etc to get the seats and wheels.

Dont know if it was a write off as it was insured only 3rd party he said it will cost too much to be repaired but i dont know how much that will be.

Do cliospares have a website?

if the chassis is bent ya buggered. if its just the subframe your ok. cause when i trashed mine it was subframe, and is now replaced and fine