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What size?

  ZT 1.8T
What size alloys r most popular here? was thinkin about getting some 16's and lowering it 35mm? wouldnt look too much like a tractor would it?
  Renault Clio
what clio do u have? Tbh man and this has been said many times before im sure, i bought 16's for mine and they were great, but it looked like a tractor with them on without lowering like u say, and then i lowered it -35mm on springs and it was better but just wasnt what i wanted, So then i went -60mm on a whole new kit and looks loads better now man
  ZT 1.8T
2002 1.2l renault clio expression, silver. didnt want the weight of the 17's even tho its not that much more like, just wondering wot suspension nd wheel size combos ppl have that look nice.