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  Octavia VRS LE
Dont know if anyone has posted anything on this yet... but was just looking through ebay when i came across this..... probably one of the worst clios i have ever seen, so i got me thinking whats the worst clios you have ever seen? any pics?
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  Octavia VRS LE
just thought if they bought everything ktec it would be nice... im not a fan tbf.... some one may like it, but why do allk the work to the engine no doubt costing a bomb, and then put a huge bodykit on it :s


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
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"I have a stack of receipts detailing modifications made to the car which currently stand at around £7000 alone along with a FSH and all the service/maintenance records carried out to date."

^congrats on wasting enough money to buy the car again twice over.

I do like the wheels though. 16's would have been better mind !