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What to do with suspension?

  172 Cup
Ok so my Cup has all poly bushes and Apex springs and shocks and it's ROCK hard.

So do I just change the springs for some Eibach's (Pro kit) not bothered about it being really low and see how is drives or will it still be hard with the Apex shocks on?

New shocks willl cost me £200 and the springs £75-£150 used/new + fitting so it's going to be £400+

I don't do track days and don't do many miles each day so is it even worth the money for the extra comfort?
Get rid of the apex and get eibach sportlines/prolines. If you are changing the shocks get koni yellows for a few quid more from larkspeed


ClioSport Club Member
  182 FFAT
as above really. avoid rear OEM shocks, my last set lasted 15-20k and then started to leak. front ones were ok though
don't know if 172 rear shocks have the same reputation, mine were 182 cup ones
  172 Cup
I like the idea of the Koni but nearly £400 for a set + Springs and fitting is going to be near £600 :dapprove:

I think I'll just stick to being like the nodding dog from the Churchill advert for now.