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What to get

Just spoke to my loveley bank manager and been able to up my loan!!

after paying off credit cards and all that ive got about 500 quid to play with..

Got an exhaust on the way! What else would people recomend??? Siggsy

Depends if that 500 squids has to stretch to insurance as well.

Lowering makes the car feel much nicer on the roundabouts and a change of panel filter along side the exhaust are all things which add only a relatively small sums to ur ins premium.

If you want something in the medium kinda band you could go for that nice Group N ECU mod and get more power and that damn rev limiter raised.

In the mental bracket...

£500 is a hell of a lot of NOS


Its just parts not insurance!
Not really bothered about exter i think they look horney as they are....

Just a bit more va va voom!!!!

Well i havent done anything myself yet to the car but first things on my list are:

Panel Filter

But i know direct line will charge me about 400 squids just for the Zorst and lowering! Havent asked them about the ECU yet