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what variables control this

come on n tech guys

what king of variables would cause a cars top speed to change from time to time

my car got stuck at 123

then got stuck at 127

these were both three up

week before 133 two up

fastest ever 143

disappointed i could not crack 130

this was on long private stretch of road of course


and teh cleanlyness of your pants.

oh, and one interesting point.

Capt, if you remember, we were talking about that weird solenoid in the airpipe that leads down to the front wheel arch. Anyhow, about 2 weeks alter they come to me to tell me it was a speed limiting device, i.e. you program the speed at which you want it to restict air flow and thus power and speed.

i thought this was odd, although feasable, but the clio doesnt really go fast enought to warrent a limiter. and it doesnt come ltd fromt eh factory be we supposedly have the ability to limit the speed of any vehicle...HEHEHE......that could be funny for some mates who race......

how does 70kph sound!