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what would you get??

  clio campus sport woo hoo
hey, just wondering which car you would have as i might have to pick one soon and i am very unsure of what to get


1. Ren Clio Campus Sport 1.2 16v
2. Ren Clio New Shape 1.2 16v
3. Ren Clio New Shape 1.4 16v

i am a 17 year old new driver by the way !
Hum I'd say 1.2 all the way the extra insurance for a 1.4 isn't worth it IMO.

I'd try the Mk2 and Mk3. Personally if there the same price upto say £1k extra for the Mk3 I'd go for that but The Mk2 is more fun in some ways.

At your age I'd never get a new car get a 2 year old 1.2 16v dynamic pick them up for very little much better value. Unless you cna get a very cheap new Mk2 or 3.
  RB 182
Campus sport all the way mate. i'm 17 as well n got an ottoman blue one. Looks mint, better looking and cheaper then the new style ;)
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