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Whats the best tyres at the mo

  BMW 320d Sport

I always rate Goodyear Eagle F1. I had two sets before changing to Toyos cos they came in a good size on 18s. IMHO the Eagles were superb, brilliant in the dry, brilliant in the wet, didnt wear too quickly, what more could you want. Toyo Proxes good in the dry, with a bit of wear on them they can be frightening in the wet if youre not expecting to slide all over the place like Torville and Dean.

Ive got Goodyear Eagle F1s on my car atm , they are very very good. Much better than the yokahamas I use to have.



Bridgestone SO3s are the nuts although I have had Goodyear Eagle F1s in the past and they were better in the wet, than they dry!!!!!!!!!!!

im using Toyos Proxes T1s, and i must say i cant fault them! having said that i only drive them hard in the dry, never in wet!!!

best thing yet, is that they only cost me £38 per corner BRAND NEW which aint bad ;)
  ST 225, PH1 172

Ive got Falkens on the rear which came with my alloys, there alright but I bought some Eagle F1s for the front and there bloody amazing! In the dry they handle well but in the wet they just grip Grip GRIP!!!

http://www.mytyres.net does the Eagle F1 for summit like £50 a tyre, bought mine from there.

The new japanese tyres are worth a look, they may not have the brand name, but the japs have all the technology on their side, good quality and cheaper , ie..khumo, yokohama etc..

Quote: Originally posted by Ben P on 15 October 2002

Does anybody rate Falkens?
Falkens are the worst wet handling tyres i have ever had on my car. I recently bought some super Ls with 205/40/17 Falken ZE502 (they were a package and didnt argue at tyre choice). They do nothing but understeer now, they are so bad for hte winter Im putting the standard 15s back on for winter, I have no confidence in them at all, in the dry they are mearly average!

If I could afford a nw set of tyres 3 months after getting these I would but i cant :(
  BMW 320d Sport

Falken are known for one thing - narrower profile than normal and rounded shoulders - in other words they will still fit even when youve slammed your motor on 18s, other tyres wont.
  Honda Civic Type R GT

Well impressed with ! Ordered a pair of Goodyear Eagle F1s, £41.10 a tyre, and delivered free within a week.



Have Yoko A539s all round at the moment. Theyre akin to the Falkens in that their sidewall profile means that you can get stupidly large wheels on. But thats where the similarities end, as Ive not heard good things about Falkens.

Yoko 539s are brill in the dry, but not so good in the wet. Its strange, as they were advertised as wet-biased tyres. Anyway, I dont think theyre that good in the wet - Im always aquaplaning with them.:(

Yokos also have a reputation for wearing out fairly quickly - though mine are on 10k with a good 4mm left.

I suppose a lot of this depends on what tyre size you have - many dont come in 205/45/16 - which is my size.
  320d M Sport

Tommy, how THE HELL did you get the website to quote you for those tyres (195/45/16???) Ive just tried and its giving me a useless selection?

  Honda Civic Type R GT

Paddy, my car is an exclusive so the tyres are 195/50/R15. Another online place is


  Honda Civic Type R GT

Had the F1s fitted, £15 to fit and balance both front ones. Initial impression is very good.