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What's This Clip For???

  C3 Picasso Beast
I've had alot of trouble with my rear brakes so I'm a tad paranoid about them and always have a quick look at them to see if anything there looks different to normal. Today when I looked I noticed the clip arrowed below on a pic I found was hanging different on my driver side caliper. So what I did was poked at it to see if it would sit properly again resulting in it falling out! So my question is what is this clip actually for and does it need putting back in??

Thanks :)

  clio 182
there should be one on the other side as well, its there to stop the little right angle section (the bit the clip goes through) sliding out, causing your pad to fall out......
  big boost cup
i think that holds that little plate on iirc you need to pull then pin out to move that plate for changing the pads etc
  C3 Picasso Beast
The passenger side clip is still in fine and sits like the one in the picture above it's just the driver's side that is now missing the clip thanks to my handy work!

Is this something that will need sorting then and the car shouldn't be drove without it??

Matt W

ClioSport Club Member
  Suzuki Jimny
Brake pads look low.
I'd fashion a new clip out of some strong wire.
  C3 Picasso Beast
As I said the pic isn't my's off the guide on changing discs/pads ;)

I'm hoping I won't need a new clip as I found the clip when it fell out. Only problem is I don't know what it should look like really so if someone can tell me if it's still good from the pic below I'd be pleased...

  C3 Picasso Beast
Great that's what I wanted to hear :)

Looking at the clip on the otherside of the car am I right in guessing it's just a case of sticking the loop through the hole on the plate and the long edge on the right of the picture above at the bottom of the plate?? Basically if you turned the pic 90 degrees clockwise that's how it would sit on the plate??

Thanks for all the help so far...