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Where can i get a remote for this????

  Blue Clio 182
I have got this Sony Explod head unit CDX-CA900, I have only got the round remote for it and i am wanting the flat remote coz there more buttons on it i think, coz the little round one only has volume,skip, source,Att and off, So i cant change the time or owt on it, Anyway my question is where can i buy one of these from and can i use any sony remote or does it have to be for that HU, Does anyone have one for sale????
I may have a spare stalk type one if you want it! I'll have a look wen i get home sure it'll work with it
phatt beats car audio is at bottom of my street i just got a remote off him for mine, ill ask him for you if you want.
  Blue Clio 182
Just another question, it's not going of track too much but the display and the controls for the stereo on that stick thing under my wiper stalk doesnt work, I have bought the leads but i have no idea how to do it, does it go somewhere under the steering wheel?
  Blue Clio 182
A couple of my mates have tried but theres one big long lead that obviously travels somewhere other than the back of the head unit, maybe the steering wheel or to the display!!
  Blue Clio 182
Plattsy said:
id av thought one wud come from the wheel and one from the display and the adaptor wud plug into em both?

yeah you'd hav thought so but no one has a clue, gunna have to have a trip to source me thinks!!
source are expensive... ill get the number for phatt beats which is down my street for ya, tell him you got number off plattsy and he will give you a good deal :)
  Blue Clio 182
Yeah i will do, think it's best taking it somewhere who konows abit about um, It should be easy to do it, most of my mates could do it if someone who had done it before told me what to do!!
hes a good lad, knows plenty of s**t and can go on for ages about stuff that means nothing lol... hes got an orange valver which hes sprayin up and selling on which has alot of money spent on engine ;)
If you go down al just say plattsy sent ya :)