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where do i get an ap22


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

not sure on that, best take a look at the faqs on their website.
  clio 20v

i think redline in 4th would give you a pretty accurate reading, but id be very smooth in your gearchanges to get the figure, as quick changes tend to spike the reading and it comes out high



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  E90 LCI 330d

Quote: Originally posted by Pillesnoppen on 27 March 2003

I wouldnt pay too much attention to the bhp figures you get, but the acceleration figures are both very accurate and consistent.
  clio 20v

yeh wen i said accurate i meant thats the only way to get it nearly right, from using mine the hp figures seem way too high

not too convinced really about timing accuracy but better than a stopwatch

by playing with the settings on mine i could get it almost a second differance between times

redline in 4th is only 105 wiv the willy engine so a decent duel carridgeway an ur sorted