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where to find official fcs pics?

they hadnt put the track time pics up before i left anyone know what company/website i'll be able to find them on to buy online?
  a thirsty one
those from last year were without offical trackside access which he had this year so was much closer to the action/better locations, all fcs pics including entry/static and track ones will be up by end of the week mate.

im sure he wil post up on here when they are done with a link, he used to be a 182 ff owner and was member on here.
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Thanks John.

As explained, I was the official photographer for FCS this year and along with myself, I had two photographers working for me covering the event. Unfortunately, given the high number of images we took, it was impossible to display all photos at the event. However, following the show, I am now working on the photos and these will be uploaded in full to my website by the end of this week at the latest. My website address is .

The photos taken mostly cover the entrance and all track sessions, although there are a number of static shots as well. For Cliosport members, I will be continuing my show promotion for the first two weeks after the photos have gone live, i.e. free postage and packaging.

Bomber, I'm not sure what's happened to you but I am assured by the company hosting my site that it is not full of viruses.

Bomber, I'm not sure what's happened to you but I am assured by the company hosting my site that it is not full of viruses.

thats fair enough, i dont know enough about computers to comment much other that Sophos doesnt like it. just went on there again and it came up with a Trojan warning.

wasnt having a dig, just mentioning it. never the less, i'll be getting some pictures when they're uploaded

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Did anyone buy a pic of their car?? anyone recieved it yet if they had? they told me 10 - 12 days and its been 12 now!
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Hi Chris,

I can only apologise if you were told 10-12 days as that was wrong. We're working on sending all orders out within approximately 2 weeks but a maximum of 3 weeks and this should have been explained to you at the show. All orders placed at the show are due back from the printers any time now and as soon as I receive them, they'll be packaged up and sent by 1st class Royal Mail.


rob, received mine today...however I'm absolutely appalled at the condition its arrived in...the state of the picture isn't fit for the bin let alone a picture will have an email shortly

not a happy bunny TBH

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Matt, the right way to address this is to contact me personally, not via the forum. I await your email.
  Willy + Modus DCi
lol is that all your saying on the matter lee.......

im ordering mine soon so hopefully all is well.
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All is well. Matt's order has been damaged by Royal Mail but I'm perfectly happy to replace it.