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Which 4ch Amp

My old Alpine MRV307 (iirc) is going a bit pete tong, so need a replacement.....

That was 4x90W so looking at ones with about 4x100W.

Any suggestions?
  "Navy" N17 TWO

audison srx4 - looks good - sounds even better :D

1st amp ive ever owned so dnt know much about them lol - but my music is great :cool:
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Tom_16v I hope that comment helps in some way....reading it myself I thought, what is that crazy fool talking about? :oops:
  Polo + Micra

the alpine 340 is the replacement for the 307 but it has an extra 5w per channel
  2002 Clio Dynamic

Go for the Genesis 4 channel! cant remember what model it is,not the profile range though