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which bulbs shall i buy

I am looking to up rate the headlight bulbs on my car the ones in it are 60/55w h4 are these right? cos i thought they were pretty rubbish.

I am after the ones which allow youto see further asthey are brighter.

Which shall i get?
  Ford Fiesta

take a look at hes in the know met him a couple of times.Ive always had blue vision they light up better and reflect better and these are what I have now. You can get them for your fitment too. Vison plus perhaps throw out more light but dont look as good. the choice is yours...

cheers bradford lad,

has any one else replaced theres, with brighter ones, which are best,
as i don/t want to waste money buying ones which are sh*te.


i got a set from halfords, there all weather range. well bright plus they have a bluey purple tint to them. work well and legal.