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Which car would you pick

If you had to have any NEW car from the Peugeot/Citroen range?

Just wondering, a mate just got a job there and gets a big discount

VTS is going very cheap. 106 GTi seems a better buy at the same price, but at £3k more...

Otherwise, I had a Xsara 2.0 TDi as a hire car in the summer, no thoroughbred by any measure, but swift and economical all the same.


  Audi TT Stronic

106GTi, much better than a paxo, IMHO

I know they are virtually the same car but I like the looks and handling of the 106 better.

by all means the 206GTi 180 but i think its gonna cost even more than a 172. I heard Techni man (sorry couldnt remember his nick) said that he drove a 180 prototype . n he said its a 172 killer.... scary bugger those 180 dont arrive in nz till next august :(!
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

I hate the Saxo VTS......I hate saxos full stop! Wanna see a million Saxos, go see Max Power Live

Gti180 is not quicker off the mark than a 172. But it is quicker on the move and it handles tighter. I liked the pug cos its the closest yet to the original 1.9Gti 205. My mate who works at Peugeot Development said they spent alot of time driving 172s, they should be almost the same.



the 206 is a bit heavier and the gearing is supposed to be a tad longer than the 172.

plus the 206 will be a bit more

and the special version even more