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Which company for Valver insurnace


I was just hoping someone could advise me as to the best insurer to use in order to get the best quote for valver insurance. The main problem is that I an only 17 would be insuring it under my dads name - which before people start is not so bad as he would be using it for a large part of the time. I have already had a quote from which was approx £700.

What other companies would you suggest I try?

HIC were cheap when I was looking at a Valver..

I ended up going with Elephant on Williams tho, because not many other companies would consider it (20 at time) and they seemed OK with it; they still charged me a fortune tho, haha.

Do HIC have a website to get quotes online or does anyone have their number as I did a quick google seach but nothing came up of any use.