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Which of these tyres please?

From this list (hope it works)

Under £50 a corner ideally.


Fronts need replacing. Got budgets on the rear, So want the budget rears put on the fronts and some good rear tyres for winter.

Was going for Toyo TR1s, But ive heard there no good in the wet? Obviously with winter i dont want to be in a ditch. I dont drive fast in the wet but it'd be nice to have some confidence in the tyres.

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T1rs are better in the wet than budget tyres are in the wet.

Actually. t1rs were better in the wet than the budget tyres i had in the dry!

For the price. I would really really reccomend them.

£38.50? Bargain.
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It's not been dry since i had mine fitted so can't comment on dry weather.


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I'd pay the extra £7 each and get the Vredestein Sportrac 3's. I have them. Grip is endless, even with my barge.


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Just fitted 185/55/15 Falken Ziex to my sisters MGF 160 and really impressed for the money!
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Not checked the list but Uniroyal Rainsports in 195 50 15 are what i have just fitted and wet weather driving is awesome grip seems endless good in the dry too i paid £179 iirc for 4 supply and fit - theres a thread somewhere with details


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I've run t1r's, exalto's, Goodyear f1's amongst others. The hankook v12evo are better IMO than all of them. I can pm you details of a tyre test done in germany, the v12 came 4th, the t1r came 20th.
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go for 195/50 r15 as they are much cheaper the toyos are good but don't last very long, michelin pe2 best and long lasting
I've got T1Rs fitted on the front and they are very grippy even in the wet and damp conditions. Tyre wear is not good for them but they are defo better than the Good Years they replaced. I think with yours to go for a good all round tyre like the Hankook or Kumho would be good.


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How many of the options mentioned have people tried? I'd wager most haven't tried the hankook's. It's no exaggeration to say they are a class above the t1r's, for wet and dry performance. And longevity!
Will the 195/50s fit? Im guessing they will. Will putting this tyre size on effect anything?

Or effect that ive got 185/55 on the fronts?

Edit: Im just interestd about the sizes, Surely 195 would be to big? I am still leaning towards the Hankooks now, They do look a great tyre.

195/50s where SPECIAL OFFER £32.95 inc.VAT

185/55s OUR PRICE £40.80 inc.VAT

So yeah a fair bit cheeper :)

Being fitted tomorro at my local renault garage (first i tried and he said £7.50 Exl VAT each tyre) So it should work out to £34.50 (rears to fronts, Hankooks on the rear)

I asked a garage i drive by once in a while and he said "about £19 a tyre balance and new valve" so ive chosen renault as theyre only down the road.

And a few garage ive look at online are £13.50 Inc VAT that are local.

Hope they turn up tomorro morning !
^ How you finding them out of interest, In the wet and dry?

They came 16th in that tyre test. I went for the Hankooks as i think theyre 4th.


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Very happy with the Hankooks myself. Won't be changing when they wear out, and I've just ordered some Hankook track tyres as well.