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Which oil filter removal tool??

Need to service the car this month and the current filter wrench in the tool box is probably older than me (step dad's tools) and its the leather whip style one and its sort of on its last legs.
Was pointed to a cup like one that is like a socket on Opie Oils' website ages ago but I cannot find it. Didn't realise there was so many choices!!
Would anyone be able to tell me which one is the best / fit the Clio's oil filter off the Opie Oils website?

Was done hand tight last time I changed it, but everytime I have come to take it off it has been a pig. Refuse to use a screw driver as my step dad would kill me for making a mess on the drive!


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  Silver 182 FF
Used the same type of tool as the one linked above on my 182 and it worked great.


ClioSport Admin
ooo that looks even better than the things I saw, and a better price and I can collect Nectar points!! Yeah its a Ph1 172.
Anyone able to confirm the Mk3 and Mk2 are the same filter?
Presume you have this tool?
I have yeah, I bought it to do an oil change, then couldn't be arsed and took it to a garage lol.

But I'm sure it's the same tool that @Hawk182 used to change it last time we changed the oil :D


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I use one of these claws, works perfectly for me, but at £17 quid I feel like a right mug compared to the £7 quid jobby above.

Those are the best type IMO, used it on a bunch of different cars/filters and it's always easy.

Bang a screwdriver through it.
Absolutely DO NOT do that.
When it go's wrong, it goes wrong in a really bad way.
  172 cup
I used the big plier type... I found it tricky to get a strap square on with the inlet manifold in the way. Plier type work well on the wonk