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Which page to send for warranty


Im sure this has been mentioned before but Ive had a look at the old threads and cant make my mind up.

Which page of the service book do you have to send to renault to get the warranty extension on imports?

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

I went to Renault Liverpool yesterday and asked them about this, and they said that imports only get 1 Years Warranty, and i said i am sure as of a certain date (a few months ago) all imports from within the EU get the full 3 Years Warranty and they denied this and said no-one there knew of this and they still said i would get only 1 Year, but i still think they are wrong!

yep, it is the new EU law. Any car sold in Europe after 1st Jan 01 (yes 01) must have a 3 year warranty.


Thats not how it was in August 02.

Mine is a Dutch import, bought from a car supermarket. It came with a 2 year warranty.

I was told by my local Renault dealer that I should send the sales invoice, the registration document and a copy of the dealer stamp from the service booklet. My service booklet did not have a dealer stamp, but it did have a sticker on the back with the VIN number on it, so I photocopied the front/back cover and sent that.

Within a couple of days I got a letter back from Ren UK, confirming receipt, confirming that I now had 3 years warranty and also confirming that the warranty DID NOT include breakdown cover.

A few weeks later (maybe 6) the official confirmation came through, complete with warranty booklet.

The car has since had some warranty work done, with no problems.

Gaz, The following is an extract from the Sunday Times at the begining of the month. If you want to read the whole post , it was posted on this forum under the title "warranty rules"

Hope it helps.


Quote: All cars built before this year and sold within the European Union come with a one-year factory warranty. From the beginning of this year, all cars must come with a two-year factory warranty. Some manufacturers also choose to offer longer periods of cover; sometimes this is a factory warranty but often it is a local dealer warranty. Under European law, all [VW] dealers have to honour the factory warranties but are under no compulsion to honour dealer warranties. You should therefore check which type of warranty you have, if your car is more than one-year old. If the dealer refuses to carry out the work, ask the service manager to confirm in writing that the warranty will not be honoured. You should find that this leads to a rapid change of heart. If not, try contacting the Office of Fair Trading on 08457 224 499.