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Which zorst

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Want to replace the zorst to compliment the Viper and looking at :
BBperformance tuning

I know who has fitted the Magnex and K-Tec but was wondering what you all think to the BB stuff and has anybody got one??


Chris, K-tec does sound the dogs, but it is loud, and youve gotta take that into account, the Magnex is a bit quieter (still a very good sound though, no doubt), k-tec are gonna do a 4" silencer to replace a bit of straight-through piping, so that would calm it a bit.....
  Renault Laguna Coupe

yeah - then youll fit a de-cat +50Db!! I wonder whether the k-tec de-cats would be ok with a Magnex zorst...

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

As Roamer said we do now have a larger silenced centre section available for all our our 3 systems available for the 172. These are the twin 3" system, 5" x 3" oval system and a new 4" slash cut system. The twin 3" is the loudest system and all systems can be purchased with or without the large straight through centre silencer. The oval and slash cut systems are the quieter due to the large rear silencer used but they still give a very nice sporty exhaust note. All systems are £270+vat which ever option you go for.

I hope this helps.


PS. We are extending the 10% Cliosport discount until the end of November after which it will drop back to 5%.