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Who’s got what Car Alarms

  One with a few more

Im after a Clifford 650 - I think. although of late Ive been checking out some TOADs too.

Just wanted to ask people with Clios what they have installed and if they have any problems, etc? also what would anyone advise? cheers

Ive got a Toad AI606(glass break/impact sensor, tilt sensor) on my dynamique.

If you are going have an alarm fitted make sure the fitter knows what hes doing because if the alarm hasnt been fitted properly itll be about as good as a chocolate fire guard.

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  Polo + Micra

ive got the standard one that came with the car dont really see the point in changing
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

had a toad Ai606 tthing. that was cat 1 cost around 300. good alarm

got clifford concept 500 now. again, cat 1 good alarm/immob.has microwave sensor etc!
  One with a few more

I was told that because the Clios use a single wire for lock/unlock, then Cliffords and toads arent a very good idea

Quote: Originally posted by clairesclio on 04 July 2005

I was told that because the Clios use a single wire for lock/unlock, then Cliffords and toads arent a very good idea
Theres a way round that if the installer knows what they are doin.
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

Quote: Originally posted by clairesclio on 04 July 2005

I was told that because the Clios use a single wire for lock/unlock, then Cliffords and toads arent a very good idea
im pretty sure if they are cat 1, they will be a good idea!;). dont forget the immobilizer too and other features like tilt/microwave sensors etc
  One with a few more

I know this. but someone who does install told me that because they work on a relay not seperate wiring then it might muck up the sequence of lock/unlock etc. might get a 650 anyways!

Ive got the 650 with tilt sensor and glass break. Have also got window closure and remote headlight activation, works fine for me, extreme peace of mind.
  Not a Clio

not got a clio but i have got a clifford concept 500 which i find to be excellant. So good in fact that it catches me out quite often! i.e. open a door with engine running, forget to re-enter code and next thing i know im being warned that the engine is about to be turned off.

I have the standard one that came with my car. My friends 172 doesnt have the flashing LED near the cigarette lighter but mine does, anyone know why!? Mines an 02, hers is a 53 reg.

Quote: Originally posted by Leeshez on 12 July 2005

I got a R.A.I.D Renault Anti Intruder Device
IIRC thats just the thingy that locks the doors/boot when you go over 5mph etc?
  182 and 5 GTT

Concept 650. Only problem i had was the prox sensor was faulty. Had it changed twice and is fine now.
  LY 200

Cliffords aint brill to be honest...I have a 300 on my car!!!

If i was buying an alarm id look at Toad!!!
  One with a few more

Im buying the 650 as it has all the options i need, and i wouldnt need to compromise with one or another like Id have to with all the others Ive looked into

I work at a car stereo shop & me & everyone else that works there have all got cliffords..

i myself have a Concept 500 but with tilt & motion, remote start, remote headlights & all closure added.

Never really had many problems with mine except for user error when ive done somet wrong & the alarm has gone off becoz of it!

only down side of G5 Cliffords (i.e. the concept 650 & intelliguard 950 etc) is that their proximity sensors are not great.... nor are their tilt & motion sensors. (they are made by a diff company now in the far east!)

Also as there are new legislations with car alarm sirens the G5 alarms all use a "Soft Chirp" siren which basically means its much quieter than the G4s so the bark away warning is really pants! as is when you lock & unlock it!

best bet is to get a G4 if you can.... much better.

Quote: Originally posted by thedoc on 13 July 2005

james24 - hers without the flashing light near the fag lighter sounds like an import.
I dont think she knows that. Ive just done a search on here how you can normally tell an import so Ill have a closer look at her car today.

  E92 M3 Monte Carlo

I had an autowatch alarm fitted on my 172 it was really good value for money it was cat 1 it had anti highjaking and sense & tell when it bleeps when someone looks through the window etc it cost £270

The bloke who fitted said you wont get a better alarm than the standard renault one

if you get a cat1 with remote start, it will void the cat1 status of the alarm.

I had a cat1 cobra fitted to my valver, it was fine, never went wrong in 3 years.
  Scooby STi, FiestaST

my intelliguard 950 is nice and loud....

The perimeter sensor goes off alot when i forget to switch the alarm off whilst washing it.... at least I can feel my heart beat afterwards.

Nice alarm.

ferret -

when did you get the 950? on alot of the 950s they used up the rest of the G4 sirens! so that might be why urs is loud!

either that or it appears loud and mines just redicolous ;) lol

true about remote start & a cat 1 but since when did a cat 1 make any difference to insurance premiums on a 1.2 hehe. even on 172s they dont make much of a difference!

also the anti hijacking feature named Blackjax also voids the cat 1 status.