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Who can Pc my car

Think thats most of the usual suspects (brazo, rich, 182_blue) out unless when you say travel you dont mind an hour or two drive, lol. Although Dave did drive from essex to have Brazo do his.
Brazo is in swindon, Rich is in tewkesbury and 182_blue is in solihull direction IIRC. Cost will really depend on what you want done. If it's purely defect removal it will be less than the works including arches dressing mouldings tyres etc and coating with sealants and waxes but for a decent job i'd say about £75ish (give or take) which considering that a slightly larger car which is still a days work will cost in the region of £150/200
  Clio 197 F1
well all i need really is to get rid of certain swirl marks,also there is tar blotched over the car which im really struggling to get off. such a pain in the arse
  FIAT PANDA 100HP!!!!
without soundin stupid, what is pc'in your car? is it super cleanin? sorry for bein thick!