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Who needs paper? The new "Daily" for iPad

"The Daily is a mixture of the newfangled and the old-fashioned. It has whizzy graphics, including video and “360-degree” pictures. Sport fans can receive the twitterings of their favourite players. Unlike most websites, though, the Daily is available only in America. It features outmoded things such as editorials and paid reporters. Although it can be updated to take in breaking news, it is primarily a daily, not an hourly. "

Great little article on it this morning in The Times.

The FT were a little ahead of the game in making apps and ipad specific platforms for their publications (granted not all yet), but this really does take the leap to a paperless, wireless newsfeed...

As a weak Apple fanboi, who doesn't have an iPad, I would be interested to hear thoughts on content?


You need a US account as its not in the UK store.

Played with it. Its nice but VERY slow. Almost like it was written with something faster in mind...hmmm
Interesting, Tom. Content quite good then? I still want to grab a copy of "I" and see what that's like.
I download the Sun newspaper everyday and News of the World on Sunday's. Great apps!

NOTW is better, the vids etc..