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Who saw Top Gear last nite!

No 172/Cup featured - we need to write in and complain!!!!

O-60 for R32 in 6 secs - ud kinda expect that from a 3.2 litre V6 with 240BHP - bit slow really and as Clarkson said much rather have a MK2 GTI or G60!

Interesting about the Jag - 300Kgs striped out gave a 1.2 sec quicker dash to 60 and 5 secs to 100 so every 100kgs is approx 0.4 sec to 60 - but remember thats a big heavy Jag and a lighter car would have better results - Funny though as always!

The Lada they turned into a Lotus (I missed that last week) sounded nice!

Howd everyones Christmas Do go!!!!!!

well, as cars get lighter, you have to remove more and more to feel the gains.

im in HK so no TOP gear for hoo!

lada into a lotus?

What I didnt understand was why they only drove the Golf. I thought they were going to test all four back to back.

And with all of the build up about weight during the later half of the program I thought they were going to bring on the 172cup......but alas no such joy.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

My christmas do went well by all accounts, but I did not go as I dont really like 90% of the people (women) I work with. All a bit gas baggy for my liking.

I saw Top Gear - I think the 172 didnt feature as its a fair bit cheaper than much of that lot - and a size smaller. In fact, its hard to name direct 172 rivals as many of them are bigger, or more expensive or in many cases both.

Question is how would it have faired against that competition?

Well for me the nicest car of the lot is the CTR - the german pairing of the Golf and Seat (ok the Seat isnt strictly German, but it might as well be) are a bit sublime - the Focus is rawcus, rather nice actually for a focus....but the CTR wins thru for me with the cracking engine and controversial looks - specially in that red and I do not usually like red cars that much.

Think the cup would have faired quite well actually. I have now driven a cup - and I enjoyed every minute of it.....almost as much as the Willy ;)

  mk2 172

well i was sat there expecting them to test a load of hatches back to back, and yes them going on about weight made me think they were gonna unleash the cup, instead in turned into ONE BIG GOLF R32 ADVERT! wonder how much veedubs paid em for that?

I drove a cup at the weekend (thanks renault bexleyheath). This was the second time i have driven one, this time in the wet. To be honest it felt nervous, even more so under breaking, i wouldnt push it in this kind of weather if i had one at all. The difference between the 172 though is very noticeable, it really does pull and pull. It handles well, more bite and roadhold but alas, id still take a normal 172.

Ben, topgear took a lada to lotus and they basically made it look like an old ford cortina, replaced the engine etc etc, spent 90 grand!!

I think the item about the Jag XJS was crap, "Do you think it will be faster if you strip it out?" ermm...duh!! What a pointless test!!

Totally agree guys - reckon the Golf would have gone in the uncool section aalong with the seat - wonder how the 172/cup would have faired around the track with the stig in it - pretty well Id imagine

Anyone gonna buy the stigs chrsitmas album - forgive em fi I scewr up my wrods tdoday - Im still a bit weak form teh weekned!


what did they change it to? twin cam?

ah, and i thinki might of heard about it a little,they fabricated a whole load of parts and completely changed the suspension setup right?

I agree with rob about the jag thing, it was a bit obvious, plus they strippped off things like the rear lights, windscreen wipers and mirrors, which you cant do on a road car.

Did anyone notice in the pre-show advert that VBH was doing a test? Was that a mistake or have they bought her back from 5?

Did anyone notice the other week that Jeremy was driving something or other and said the top speed in 5th gear was blah blah blah, but if you move out of 5th gear and into top gear, the speed is blah blah blah. Then last week on 5th gear, tiff was testing the porsche turbo and he said that top gear was a bit long, but 5th gear is more fun.

I think theres the start of a bit of semi - hidden rivalry there.

Sorry Chaps but I missed the cool / uncool episode I think the clio fell into the cool category correct me If im wrong.....and i too was praying the cup got an outing to show those boys a lesson or too...

Quite suprising as Jeremy Clarkson raved on about it in the Sunday times a few months ago..shame shame

I agree also my cup is a little nervous/ twitchy in the wet and under braking...

Still love it though!

Abbs- Yeah id still have one anyday, great fun, just not in the wet but as a track car its not unexpected. It would be interesting to see if any cup owners put on some rainsport tyres.

Ben- Cant remember exact details but yes, was a twin cam, in fact was quite a beast overall! Wouldnt be suprised about the suspension, i know nothing bout ladas but i doubt you could do much with it! There was little roll afterwards though..seriously very good but 90 grand!! ouch!

Steve - i agree with me 2 (as im fab!). The show has to appeal to your average knows nothing about cars fool who still watches the show for some unknown reason as well as actual enthusiasts. Ah well..
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Would love to know what a Cups time on the track would be. Cup appeals to an awful lot more people than the expensive Focus and Golf IMO.

Clio does fall in the cool section as it is a small European car.

Any article Ive read so far including CCC and Evo have rated the Cup as an absolutly amazing track car - quicker than some of the bigger Jap cars! I belive them! i do, I really really do - honest I do!
  VW Potato

its a Fiat engine currently in that Lada. Remember, the Lada was a Fiat 124 in a previous life before Fiat sold Lada the design and the tooling, although the engine in the Lada was not Fiat based; it was Ladas own design, I believe. The Fiat 124 was available with twin cam engine - not bad for a 60s Cortina competitor!


so - is anyone gonna write in to Jezza and tell him about the 172 cup?

Im wanting to get one - but insurants is a pain! But I see a lot about and I love them so much, if anyone would like to pay for my insurance on a 172cup, I will buy one and let them have a drive in it!!!:D

(For those of you who dont know - Im only 19, but 20 in 2 weeks!)