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Who was at Snetterton

That would be me, Ceej! Oh and my other half Stu(Stuman on here). You must be the Silver 172 that was parked really close to us(were silver aswell). I put a flyer on a mk1 Yellow sport too!
Check this out for a good day:
We both work at Egg so we where there to represent egg in the pit lane walkabout. This meant access all areas passes so we watched the racing in the Egg team garage with Vicky Butler Henderson(my heroine). Then we lunched with Mel C in Vauxhall Hospitality and best of all was that Paul ONeill requested me to be his grid girl so I was out there on the track before the races!!
We had such a cool day out it was unreal.
I thought Id take the oppurtunity to do a bit of marketing for Cliosport and you are a member anyway...oh well, at least you read the flyer!!
Did you have a good day?

Had great day, I like the last race watching that Rover SDI in the wet, thats what you call handling (not). I have a mate who was going to be marshalling which i could of been in on, this often involves driving on the circuit to your post (after a few laps) mind you with the BTCC every body has to be on best behaviour but, im sure soon I will get a few laps in. You seem to have a good job but I bet its hard work!