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Why is it that Luxobarges get annoyed

.. and subsequently get aggressive when you werent the easy meat they thought you ought to be? Over the past two days Ive been subjected to psychopathic antics by an LS400 and Audi S8. A Jaguar LWB V12 (?) didnt like being overtaken but after a little tailgating (from him) settled down although he did have trade plates on and the car looked spankers!

BTW those Jags are very quick from a standing start :eek:

Its just that having two tons of motor being piloted erraticly beside me and behind me is scary :cry:
  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

LOL, he probibly didnt put his foot down as he would have only had about a gallon of petrol :) so you could have wiped the floor with him
  Clio 197

Its funny but I had the opposite experience a couple weeks ago. I had the loan of a new S320CDI. What a barge! Did a couple hundred miles in it and found that people in sh*tty cars were going out of their way to impede my progress!

Never happens with the Willy!

Id expect its something to do with the fact theyve spent over £50k on a car and its getting beaten by a small hatchback!

Yeah. Some bloke in new 325 got a bit miffed because he couldnt catch me on the A41 last night. Whenever I had to slow for traffic he was so close behind I could hardly see his bonnet. Then bye bye when the road was clear.

Think Rob is right, theyre just upset because theyve paid shed loads for a car they think is quick.


I have had exactly the same experience over the past few days.

Was sat at some lights, with my roof rack and bike on top. The lanes merged ahead. Up comes a 320 S-Class in the lane for turning right only and starts lurching forward on the clutch.

So I decided to spoil his antics by burning him off the line (I dont usually bother) and he went beserk! People think that because you accelerate quickly that you must want to speed and so the merc was tailgating me for the next few miles in a 30 area!

Well, perhaps he was in a desperate hurry and went up in the other lane to get in front of the queue of traffic at the lights so he could go faster ahead. Im not surprised he was pissed off if you decided to race him off and then went slowly, holding him back afterwards.

A good point Tom. S8s would certainly not get beaten by anything with a Renault badge on ever!!!! Not unless its BB tunings 16v. even the V6 would get toasted by a S8.

I had a gimp in a westcoast saxo (it had american stripes instead of a VTR badge?) rolling back and forth due to his bad clutch control, i had my handbrake on and still reacted quicker and gave him a beating in my wonder 1.2!

Most fat director types just dont know that the fast clios exist id expect so must find it hard to take!

ICEman - it was ok as i wasnt holding him up. It opened up to a two lane road very shortly afterwards and he didnt overtake - he just sat on my rear bumper.

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 13 March 2003

Id expect its something to do with the fact theyve spent over £50k on a car and its getting beaten by a small hatchback!
And a clio at that.

Once scared a merc driver - after he cut me up he put his foot down to accel away. i left it for about 20 second then though STUFF IT dropped into third and booted it over took him at 100+ mph when i came to the next set of lights i had to stop he pulled up next to me and wound down the window. i droped mine expecting a load of abuse but in stead was met by a look of shock. The first words from him were Fuc me that thing shifts - I replyed it was a 2l and a big smile appeared on his face. - He then appologuised for cutting me up.

Similar thing happened to me and my dad, we had an E36 M3 Cab chasing us when we had the DB7, my dad was throttling back but we still hit over 160mph and the E36 was up are arse. At the lights my dad wound his window down to call the Beemer driver a dick but before he spoke the driver said, great car, itll be my next, so of course my dad was nice back. So all BMW drivers arent that bad!

I think as long as drivers dont provoke each other amicable races are easily possible. Its when people weave and act dangerously that it turns into rage!

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 14 March 2003

Its when people weave and act dangerously that it turns into rage!
Yep, aint that the truth. I thought what you all have said. I dont think there is any question of toasting the cars I mentioned as ultimately - I think - they have massive power and torque and high max speeds. I like the fact that they have to work reasonably hard to make these advantages count. Reading the road ahead helps .. :devilish: