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Why is that there



gps or radar or gsm signals

your windscreen is reflective so dont break it or cha ching!!

Or maybe the light one..its defintely one or the other cos wen i got my screen replaced they had to change it twice cos one had one and one didnt.



no the light/rainsensor is at the top of the screen by the mirror

i take it your talking about the fact that the glass has a rectangular section at the base of the screen its to let signals through that would otherwise be bounced by the reflective coating
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The reason that they have this is not becuase of radar detectors (as they are illegal in France) but for Auto Toll passes. I use mine for my radar detector although Im sure the windscreen wiper blocks its path slightly.

Geoff_clio172 - What Radar detector do you use & what do you think of it? Im thinking about getting one & want to make sure itll work through the little window & not give to many false readings.

Not that I ever speed of course ;)
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Problem with radar detectors is most of these new cameras dont use radar so they wont work. Get a Goddesy GPS one!